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Writing Artfully

Gluten free treats and calligraphy lessons in London

It's always worth expanding your skill set - especially if you get to nibble on some tasty gluten free treats and enjoy a glass of prosecco while you're at it! Alice Gabb walked us through the foundations of modern calligraphy whilst jazzy tunes set the mood in a little bakery on Portobello Road. Calligraphy certainly teaches you patience, every little detail is slowly and carefully drawn, no matter how dynamic the end result looks, the road there is very slow.

Calligraphy might look like it's effortlessly thrown onto a page of paper but in reality it's a very slow process, every stroke and curve is executed with utter intentionality.

Being instructed by an expert and listening to their insight is always a refreshing treat, allowing you to become a student again. You see things differently and you might even get to correct some blind spots. No matter how far down the road I get, I hope to find myself at a table learning from a master of sorts, with equal curiosity and hunger that I had when I just dipped my toes in the water.

The beauty of learning a new skill or wielding a new tool is that there is absolutely no shame in copying your teacher, honing those principles until your own blend of influences emerges in your expression and the skill becomes your own. There is so much room to play with other people's s styles along the way! With all these new tricks and practice sheets I am perfectly set up for some upcoming projects that are soon to be launched, so keep your eyes peeled!