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A Glimpse Into A Blind Girl's World

Working with FostenDoc to turn an idea into a whimsical film project.

Whilst finishing our last year of uni, Jillian Fosten, a Film and Moving Image student at NUA, asked me to join her for her final project, a whimsical documentary about a blind girl travelling Paris. The story is told through different strands, weaving documentary footage together with stop motion and typography.

Instead of hiding away in the library I decided to go by the principle go big or go home and jumped on a bus to Paris to research (meaning skating through the streets and taking pictures of type in the street). Not only was it a great trip full of lovely memories but also gave me a wealth of inspiration to develop a typographic concept that incorporates both the idea of the film as well as the visual flavour of Paris.

It is a wonderful thing to give yourself permission to explore your surroundings for the sole purpose of appreciation.

After some experimentation we decided to reference the street signage of Paris for the sequence titles, underlining the theme of exploring and way finding. The surreal character of the film is expressed in the details of the border and line art of the title art work.

The best ideas seem to emerge out of conversations with your creative collaborators. Friendship has a way of making things work.

As part of the treasure hunt I discovered a map of Paris in a charity shop back in Norwich, which became the back drop for the title sequences. The blueprint of Paris reminds of a neuron, a subtle hint that the film is much more an exploration of Alexandra Mackie’s imagination than the actual city.